Mentor is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Compass Children’s Homes to provide specialist therapeutic communities for children and young people with Problematic Sexualised Behaviour (PSB).

Mentor’s Stepping Forward intervention programme is now operating in two Compass homes in the north of England. The programme offers a bespoke therapeutic path for young people with PSB, enablingeachyoungpersontomovefromneeding high levels of supportandsupervisiontoenjoyingsafeindependenceinthecommunity.

Supporting a child or young person with Problematic Sexualised Behaviour (PSB) can be uniquely challenging, even for highly experienced social care professionals.

Frequently, young people with PSB willhaveahistoryofnegativeexperiences,poorattachmentsandofcomplextrauma. They may also struggle with education,healthandsocialskills, or have difficultiescopingwithrulesandboundaries. Additional behavioursmayincludeimpulsivity, weak emotional regulation,verbalandphysicalaggressionand poor relationshipskills.

Mentor Director Dr Joe Sullivan said:

“Young people with PSB can be seeking to meet a variety of needs. If behaviour is inappropriate or abusive, intervention is essential to help the young person to meet their needs in a healthy way. To do this, it is necessary to identify the underlying issues that cause negative patterns of behaviour to develop.

Early intervention can help young people to understand their own behaviour and to adopt and develop a healthier developmental direction. With the right support, it is possible for young people to overcome PSB and move towards a healthy and fulfilling future.


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