Mentor co-Director Dr Joe Sullivan will be presenting on a range of topics at The Child Abuse and Family Violence Summit, April 11-14th, Clackamas, Oregon

The Child Abuse and Family Violence Summit is a three-and-a-half day, multi-disciplinary conference for professionals working in the areas of investigations, interviewing, assessment, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse, neglect and domestic violence.

The Summit is hosted by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Child Abuse Team and the Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team (DVERT). The Summit’s goal is to educate professionals on the complex issues associated with child abuse and family violence, to broaden each professional’s knowledge base in multiple areas, and to increase understanding of the other agencies’ roles and responsibilities.

The Summit’s theme, The Power of One in Collaboration with Others, continues throughout the Summit as we learn new ways to work together to protect and make each child safe in our communities.

Dr Sullivan will speak on the following subjects:

Predators on the Dark Net
Many who would seek to sexually exploit children and share their abuse with like-minded others are now choosing to hide in the Dark Net.  This presentation is a case study of an administrator of a Dark Net forum which explores his online as well as offline behavior. It will include aspects of the investigation and an interview with the offender post-conviction.

Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Perpetrators of Sexual Crimes Against Children
The process of evaluating their risk of sexual harm to children in the future is a complex process which cannot be achieved by simply administering a set of psychometric tests or an actuarial risk assessment tool.  Risk assessment requires practitioners to have specialist knowledge and skills related to perpetrators and how they manipulate to gain the trust of potentially protective others and achieve access to children.  This presentation explores the challenges of forensic risk assessment interviews and uses case studies to illustrate the key issues.

Organized Groups of Offenders
The Internet has brought about many changes in the world of child sexual abuse. Among the most alarming is the dramatic increase of offenders linking with others of a similar mind to molest children. Using case examples on some of the most notorious offenders in the UK this presentation will outline how such groups function and how they seek to protect themselves from infiltration or detection. In addition the presentation explores the challenges involved in combating organized child sexual abuse.

Sexual Sadism.
While not the most common motivation for sexually abusing children sadistic arousal is more common than many professionals realize.  This presentation examines the prevalence and nature of sadistically motivated sexual abusers of children. Using video interviews with offenders Dr. Sullivan will highlight some of the key issues for professionals to understand about sexual sadism in sex offenders.

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