Dealing with child sexual abuse is complex. A flexible approach, underpinned by strong clinical experience and up-to-date research, is essential. Our work includes adult and young people’s services where child sexual abuse is a factor.

residential homes and hostels

Residential Homes/Hostels

We work with staff at every stage of the residential process to help achieve the highest standard of placement and to implement effective programme delivery.

Our service is bespoke to meet your needs and can include the following:

  • Unit set-up/development consultancy
  • Staff Supervision
  • Staff Screening
  • Staff Clinical and Educational Training
  • Intake assessments
  • Assessment & Intervention Programme creation/development/delivery
  • Practical behavioural analysis tools- solution focused
  • ‘Care plan’ and/or ‘Moving on plan’ development


Problematic Sexual Behaviour (PSB) can have a huge impact on foster families, sometimes leading to the breakdown of placements. Mentor is experienced in helping all parties to avoid this detrimental outcome, providing support and training for foster carers to help them develop the skills and confidence needed to help a young person displaying PSB.

We provide a specialist educative input to carers as well as practical tools to help them change the behaviour of a young person. This can include:

  • Short-term crisis intervention
  • Risk management strategies
  • Specialist training
  • Practical behaviour management tools
  • Assessment/intervention in the community
law enforcement

Law enforcement

Mentor has extensive experience in assisting law enforcement with investigations into serious sexual crimes against children.  We provide consultancy and behaviour analysis regarding sexual offending to investigations at all levels, working alongside investigative teams to meet strategic and tactical objectives.

We can provide:

  • Interview Strategies
  • Profiling of identified suspects
  • Child Protection Advice and Strategies
  • Specialist Risk Assessments
  • Multi-agency debriefing
  • Case reviews
education, faith commuities and organisations

Education/Faith Communities/Organisations

Where PSB and/or child sexual abuse has been a problem, schools, colleges, faith communities and organisations whose work brings them into contact with children have a safeguarding responsibility.

To ensure this is optimised staff need a specialist understanding. Mentor can provide this through bespoke ‘whole staff’ training, case consultancy and/or safeguarding development strategies.

This includes:

  • One-day staff training events
  • Creating & developing safeguarding strategies
  • Risk management planning
  • Case file review
  • Media response strategy