Do I need any formal academic qualifications in order to undertake any of the awards or qualifications referred to above?

No formal academic qualifications are required but professionals must have relevant experience in the field of child sexual exploitation and be able to work at postgraduate level, as well as being able to apply the learning in their work capacity.

Will overseas students be able to apply for the awards or qualifications?

Yes. Overseas students who possess a good command of English will be able to apply for awards or qualifications. However, as the credit transfer process is different in each country, students who intend to undertake further study outside of the UK will need to check with locally-based institutions regarding any credit transfer arrangements.

If I don’t work in a directly relevant profession can I still achieve the awards or qualifications?

The awards and qualifications are only open to professionals working directly in the field of child sexual exploitation.

Will I have to attend in person to complete the second part of the awards/qualifications?

No, the work is undertaken online in a learning set of peers with support from PDF faculty. 

f I have completed the four Mentor courses and have received the Professional Development Award, when can I start the next stage?

You have up to 12 months after completion of the Mentor Professional Development Award to apply for the fifth module. 

I have previously completed Mentor’s training with CEOP. Will this count towards the awards or qualifications?

Yes. Professionals who have completed the Mentor Academy courses with CEOP will have their studies recognised as long as they have remained working in the field of child protection.