Course Overview

Assessing the partners of suspected or convicted sex offenders poses specific and significant challenges: managing complex relationships, balancing competing responsibilities and handling associated risks are just some of the issues faced by social workers and other professionals working in the field of child sexual exploitation.  

This course draws on over 30 years’ experience in undertaking partner assessments as well as highlighting current research, to provide participants with unique insights and practical tools.

Topics covered include:

  • An integrated model for understanding child sexual exploitation
  • Is denial inevitable?
  • Tactics used by offenders to manipulate and silence partners and professionals
  • How much do partners really know – the continuum of awareness
  • Why some parents choose their partner over their children
  • Safeguarding Assessments – what should they look for?
  • Implications for the all the children
  • How professionals can manage the abusive dynamic
  • Is family reunification possible?
  • Protective partner programmes
  • Help maintain change
What Participants Gain

This course provides participants with a practical insight into the reasons why parents often struggle to prioritise their children over an abusive partner. The needs of the protective parent at this complex and confusing time will be examined. In addition, it looks at the dynamic between mothers and their children and assists in understanding the complex system of ‘victim blaming’ and ambivalent maternal support. By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key factors any safeguarding assessment should consider
  • Consider mothers as abusers and fathers as protective parents
  • Understand the grooming legacy and consider its level of endurance
  • Work more effectively with the partner dynamic
  • Employ tools to help shift denial and minimisation
  • Evaluate relationship patterns and examine persistent, unhelpful behaviours
  • Explore and improve mother/child connections
  • Identify criteria necessary for family reunification (where applicable)
  • Determine where intervention is necessary and what it should look like
  • Maintain change
Dates and Locations

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Reviews of this Course

  • Absorbing throughout and totally relevant to my role

    Police officer Working with Partners and Families
  • Very good, experienced and engaging trainer. Useful to have real life experiences on video to discuss

    Health worker, Oxford Working with Partners and Families
  • Another fantastic course from Mentor! This is my 2nd and I am not going to sign up for the PG Dip, thanks for useful skills and knowledge

    Community Health Worker, Liverpool Working with Partners and Families
  • Excellent, very informative in every aspect. Very well timed and went at the right speed

    Probation officer Working with Partners and Families
  • "Brilliantly insightful and informative. Especially helpful in recognising risk and applying risk assessment strategies."

    MR School manager
  • “Good progressive use of case studies underpinned theories used and was relevant to my work and was easy for me to apply/understand.”

    KB Football Association
  • "Mentor Magnificent! Totally engrossed throughout. All of this course is totally relevant to my role as a social worker within the joint child protection team and any future positions within field.”

    DL Social Worker
  • “Enjoyed this course, helped me to gain a better understanding of assessment of risk and partners ability to protect their children.”

    KH School manager
  • “This course has as always been insightful offereing a balanced blend of research theory and practice. The analysis tools, frameworks and evaluation grids are very helpful. Thanks for all 6 of the modules which have enhanced my skill massively.”

  • “Good insight into the families of abusers. Most helpful was the understanding of the women that are with these perpetrators.”

    CJ Compass Fostering
  • “Big thank you to Joe Sullivan who has provided and delivered excellent and fascinating training that has helped my department in developing Professional Specialist assessments!” .”



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