Course Overview

What can we learn from behaviour of individuals who may have a sexual interest in children?

Whilst few professionals can ever know the actual thoughts and behaviour of those who commit sexual crimes against children, this training enables practitioners to identify indicators that indicates sexual harm is occurring, has occurred or is being prepared for.

This course explores the psychology of child sex offenders and provides participants with a practical framework for recognising and correctly interpreting offender behaviour. Key learning points arm professionals to engage more effectively with offenders and/or to safeguard children in their care.

Topics covered include:

  • Prevalence of child sexual abuse
  • Myths and facts about child sexual abuse
  • Introduction to behavioural analysis
  • Theoretical perspective – the spiral of sexual abuse
    • Motivation to offend
    • Justifications for offending
    • Role of fantasy
    • Grooming and manipulation
    • Abuse and sexual exploitation of children
  • Women who sexually abuse children
  • Organised groups of sex offenders
  • Internet child sexual exploitation-implications for those that safeguard children
What Participants Gain

This course is essential for all those who work with children, have a safeguarding responsibility and want to develop a culture of safety within their organisation. It also provides core knowledge and skills for those who work either directly or indirectly with offenders and their families.

Feedback has shown us that those who work with victims and their families have benefitted hugely from this training; by the end of the course, participants are able to:

  • Understand the prevalence of child sexual abuse and the degree to which criminal records reflect a perpetrators pattern of sexual offending
  • Recognise the myths and facts about child sexual abuse
  • Comprehend the role which behaviour analysis can play in facilitating a better understanding of offender behaviour
  • Identify common characteristics of offending behaviour
  • Plan for more effective offender interviews & meetings
  • Use behaviour analysis tools to create accurate risk assessments
  • Understand how offender motivations and justifications create a ‘spiral of abuse’
  • Better decide what are the important questions to ask each offender • Recognise grooming & manipulation more readily
  • Understand the key features and issues related to women who sexually offend
  • Distinguish the importance of identifying those offenders who travel to facilitate the sexual exploitation of children
  • Identify the prevalence and key features of offenders who engage in group based child sexual exploitation
  • Comprehend the risk factors related to sex offenders who view/download indecent images of children.
Dates and Locations
  • Date: 18 & 19th September 2018 (two-day course)
    Location: Worthing

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Reviews of this Course

  • Videos were amazing. Such perfect insight. Excellently delivered

    Probation officer Understanding Sex Offenders A Foundation Course In Behaviour Analysis
  • Brilliant! A real eye opener

    Industry Understanding Sex Offenders A Foundation Course In Behaviour Analysis
  • As always captivated by Joe Sullivan’s style of delivery and content. Extremely interesting and invaluable in my world of MAPPA

    Police Officer Understanding Sex Offenders A Foundation Course In Behaviour Analysis
  • Nothing before has helped me understand my clients’ world like this training has. Invaluable, thank you

    Child Advocate Understanding Sex Offenders A Foundation Course In Behaviour Analysis
  • “As I don’t work with offenders this course is helpful to me working with survivors who will often question their perpetrator’s behaviour.”

    Counsellor Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre
  • “Excellent presentation style – easy and good flow, strong content and very insightful real cases. Video medium really powerful. Calming use of subtle humour where appropriate.”

    Insurance specialist Insurance company
  • “Two full days of very informative material using lots of training aids and allowing candidates full interaction and participation. I personally found the spiral grids fascinating allowing the candidate to make informed decisions and start a baseline profile.”

    RK, Police Officer Midlands
  • I am a retired police officer and attended several  courses run by Joe Sullivan in my police career. Without doubt the learning from these greatly assisted my role as a Senior Investigating Officer, it gave me greater understanding of the complexity of offenders and allowed me to develop effective strategies. I have just undertaken the Interviewing course to refresh my knowledge as I have moved into a new career. It is without doubt that I can say the latest course has renewed my enthusiasm and knowledge of this area, these are transferable skills which I will be using in the future. If anyone is considering attending the latest Mentor courses having completed them previously, I can without hesitation say, you will learn new things and reinvigorate learning from previous courses.”  

    SS Law enforcement
  • "One of the most insightful courses I have attended. I think it is about context and having the opportunity to reflect is the important thing.”

    CT Health worker
  • “This was a superb course for eye opening and challenging organisations to be more robust and less naïve in their risk assessments and recruitment/ retention policies. It was useful to me as it reinforced how critical our recommendations and guidance to clubs is and really why it matters not to accept poor practice…”

    EH Football Association
  • Extremely thought provoking. Packed full of information of case studies. Fascinating and disturbing. I feel like I’m leaving here with my eyes wide open.  

    CM Teacher, Scotland
  • I think the course should be considered (or elements of the course) as mandatory for all child protection social workers.  

    LG Social Worker, Children and Families
  • This was an outstanding, thought provoking, and informative course.  

    SR Local Council, Scotland
  • This course has really helped me understand what I need to know about sex offenders so I can better protect children  

    JB Local Council, Scotland
  • One of the best training courses I have attended

    KS Local Council Social Worker
  • Joe was personable, and easy to listen to and relate to.  

    GB Local Council Social Worker, Scotland
  • Would recommend the course to all workers involved in child protection.  

    AK Local Council Social Worker, Scotland
  • Although the course content was gruelling, there was a wealth of information that it would have been difficult to get elsewhere.  

    RS Local Council Social Worker, Scotland


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Two-day training course

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