Where there are concerns or allegations of child sexual abuse/exploitation, inappropriate or illegal online sexual activity or professional sexual misconduct it is essential that the right steps are taken to ensure that safeguarding is prioritised, and risk is assessed. Mentor Forensic Services work with adults, both male and females, and regularly assist Children’s Services and organisations in such instances. In this way the appropriate help is provided for all involved.


Where an allegation or suspicion of child sexual abuse has been levelled against an individual it is essential that the right steps are taken to ensure that defensible decisions are made, that any determined risk is reduced and that safeguarding is prioritised.

In addition, we provide safeguarding assessments, where it may be considered important to determine a mother’s/other carers’ understanding of the issues and their ability to protect children.

Our clinical services include:

  • Specialist Risk Assessments
  • Safeguarding Assessments of Mothers’ ability to protect
  • Intervention Programmes
  • Educative intervention for partners
  • Case Consultancy
  • Independent Safeguarding Inquiries

To discuss a case or make a referral, email info@mentorforensics.com or call us on Telephone IRL: +353 21 487 8987 Telephone UK +44 23 468 1722.