Mentor Forensic Services trains professionals who work with children or with perpetrators of child sexual abuse to use behavioural analysis techniques which improve their working practices and skills.

Having delivered our well-established and highly acclaimed courses for the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre for several years, Mentor is now running training across the UK, Ireland and America.

Our courses are designed for multi-agency audiences including police and probation teams, social service departments, legal services, industry, education, sports organisations, faith communities and voluntary organisations. In addition, we deliver localised, bespoke options to meet the needs of smaller groups and organisations.

We provide specialist case advice, risk assessments, media handling strategies and investigations into allegations of harmful sexual behaviour against children and vulnerable adults, assisting professionals to make defensible decisions. In addition, we undertake assessments on partners and their ability to supervise contact and/or protect their children.

Our expertise is based upon ongoing research and over twenty years’ experience in dealing with perpetrators and their families and assisting safeguarding professionals.

The staff at Mentor regularly provides training and delivers presentations at conferences at national and international events.

In October Valerie gave a key note speech at the ‘Let’s Talk Safeguarding Conference in Cumbria. Here is a flavour of the positive feedback:

Excellent – Very informative, would have loved to have listened to Valerie for longer.

Very interesting and informative lady with a wealth of knowledge.

Excellent – Fascinating insight.

In June 2011 we presented at the Anglophone Conference at the Vatican, the response was very positive as demonstrated by feedback

By far the best input – why? Deep insight into minds and profiles of abusers. Reinforced message of robust safeguarding procedures and safe recruitment policies.

More recently we worked with a European Police force who are developing their safeguarding department, following the consultation the senior officer wrote to us and stated,

Once again thanks for your participation during our two days meeting. Your experiences are of great value for the further development of this subject and the organisational elements we are working on now.

I have been an ICAC investigator now since 2002 and this type of training is what I truly seek to gain a greater insight into. We have so many segments of the judicial system and offender treatment program that would benefit from this training as well.