Clinical Services

Mentor works with adults where there are concerns about sexual offending, professional sexual conduct and/or problematic sexual behaviour. We undertake assessments, interventions and evaluate safeguarding capacity of parents/carers.

Frontline Services

If you work with an adult(s) who has engaged in sexual behaviour towards children, or have child protection responsibilities or work with victims, we can help you with case management deal with complex cases. We also provide psychological and clinical support for multi-agency teams across a range of sectors.

Established by forensic psychologist Dr Joe Sullivan, Mentor Forensic Services provides assessments, intervention and suitability evaluations to help safeguard children from sexual abuse.


Research Findings

  • 10,093 … the number of reports relating to child trafficking responded to by the National Centre for Missing and Exploited children in 2017.

    In a recent study it was found that those who groom children online actively study their environment, their needs and vulnerabilities and then adapt to ensure they are using the most effective strategies of persuasion at all times…

    Santisteban et al, 2018.

  • Addressing atypical sexual interest, socio-affective dysfunctions, and strategies for maintaining an offence-free lifestyle are key treatment targets for CSEM offenders.

    Babchishin et al, 2018

  • 89% increase in online sextortion cases targeting teenage boys in 2015 & 2016 has been observed.

    Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Organisations we are involved with

The British Psychological Society
Council of International Schools